• Admission

    • Under 1 year old: $5.00/child

    • 1 year to 2 years old: $16.90/child

    • Over 3 years old: $22.90/child

    Other terms and conditions apply

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    Party Room Hire

    • We decorated our party rooms with different features and sizes to meet your party needs

    • Large room fits in 18 kids or more

    • Medium room fits approximately 15 kids or more

    • Small room fits 10 kids or more

    • Price: $34.90/kids (minimum charge applies)

    • Room hire price includes kids drink and snacks

    • Our party Session time is limited to 1 hour, should your need more time for your party, an extra time slot has to be arranged with extra charges subject to availability.

    Minimum charge for birthday party room hire from $349 (extra time slot is per 1/2 hour and is charged half of your first party hour cost; extra kids will be charged $34.9/kid), due to the high demand of the party room or should you wish to choose a specific feature for your kid's birthday party, bookings are highly recommended and a deposit is a must to secure your booking, all of our rooms are subject to availability.

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    Private Function

    • Should you wish to have a private function party, Popking will make the playground and party rooms exclusive for you from 6pm to 8pm on your special day.

    • Pre-booking is essential

    • Minimum charge is $1,500/function, deposit is required to secure your booking.

    • Price is for the playground hire only

    • More add-ons, such as catering, subject party decoration, are available to choose.

    • Private function booking is subject to availability

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    • Over 3 year old: $3.00/child/session

    • To ensure the kids enjoy a happy and safe digger session, Popking safety policy and instructions from Popking staff must be followed during the digger session.

    • Due to safety reason, Popking excavator (digger) only available to kids over 3 years old. Only ONE child is allowed to operate the excavator each time.

    • Tickets can be purchased at the counter.

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    Antarctic Express 

    (Running time TBC)

    • Under 3 year old: Free

    • Over 3 year old: $3.00/child

    • Adult: $3.00/person

    • Due to safety reason, all kids under 3 years old must be on board  Antarctic Express with an adult guardian.

    • Other terms and conditions apply.


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